Here is a general page about myself. Just information and thoughts that I can put down somewhere. Its also a way for me to learn website development easily with how neocities works. I don't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc because I don't think its mentally healthy to be on those platforms and I'm not a fan of how they're designed. I've also got privacy concerns with how they handle data and contempt for the people that run those sites. I try not to be too much of an edgelord in my views on them, more power to the people who enjoy spending their time on there, but its not for me.


Currently a Junior in University working towards a degree in Computer Science. Hobbies include cringey shit like watching japanese cartoons, cooking, gayming, biking, and learning about tech. I'll work on getting a page up for each in the future. Plans for after graduation are not set in place, but i'm hoping I can get a job at a medium sized company doing Software Development/Engineering or whatever buzzword the job post has.